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A&C Sword Fencing Club is a leading Fencing Club in the Nottingham area.

Our aim is to provide a positive training environment for all levels of Fencers, from new Beginner all the way to Senior levels. Our best Fencers have been known to compete internationally representing England and Scotland, but don’t let the top level put you off starting, Fencing really is a sport for everyone and all ages.

We regularly run British Fencing Association (BFA) accredited 8 week beginner’s courses, which are designed to teach people all the essential Fencing moves and then how to get into friendly sparring matches at club level. If you’re interested in getting into Fencing just click the link to the left to find out when the next Beginners Course is due to start and then drop us an email to book a place? :)

After each Beginners course is finished our BFA qualified coaches run regular class and individual lessons to help people learn new moves to try out in friendly matches.

Fencing sparring is a great way to get fit, it’s a really good workout in an engaging environment, that also has the mental challenge that maybe a treadmill down a regular gym can’t quite provide.

A&C also enjoys an active social program, including nights out, club trips away to friendly competitions, and for the adult crowd the occasional drink in the local pub once the Fencing has finished for the evening.