Strength and Conditioning

At A&C we’ve linked up with the professional Strength and Conditioning (S&C) coaches at Sport981 to be able to provide access for all our fencers to injury prevention training and better performance through sport specific conditioning for Fencing.

Our regular sessions now include gentle movement preparation, core work, balance work, and some reactive training all with the aim of improving sports performance while reducing the risk of injury.

That’s also good news if you’re looking to get a bit fitter and your not a big fan of the gym. Fencing can be a fun way to get fit, or loose a few pounds, all while enjoying some friendly competition (I know I’ve always found Fencing more fun than just going to the gym).

There is now also a new once-a-month East Midlands Performance Training session for fencers where the S&C is cranked up a notch for those people looking for more of a challenge, or to help get better results at competitions.

If you’re interested in getting fitter for fencing, contact us at to find out more?